Will from KARMA TO BURN died april 20th 2021

Will died on April 29th 2021. What a Lost - Rest in Peace!

I know Will since 2014 and got in contact with him while working on the first split 7” single together with Nick from SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI. Three more and a compilation box followed in the last seven years. In the last few months I phoned a lot with Will ’cause working on the album Thee Rabbit Hole (released April 2nd 2021). Of course sometimes it was a bit difficult to work with him (He always had the gift to call late at night - cause the time difference was not his thing) when it came to production/art questions whatever but at the end he never put himself in the foreground and at least you just couldn’t be angry with him. One of his favorite phrases: "...Do it as you think, I'm fine with it..." I will remember his very special sense of humor, sometimes mostly naturally under the belt line.” Will Mecum: Master of riffs - His music lives on ...


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