DesertFest Vol. 6 Bands Announcement

The cat is now out of the bag. The two bands feat. this year's Desertfest London 7" called Vol. 6 are: WAXY and Avon. The connection between the two bands is their deeply rooted in desert rock:

The sixth instalment of the now legendary DesertFest vinyl series exclusively delivered by H42 Records brings together two coming desert rock bands.

Side A brings you 'Man Of Medan', a song from Avon. Avon features the mighty Alfredo Hernandeznew who has played on some of the very best desert rock albums ever, including 'And The Circus Leaves Town' by Kyuss and the critically acclaimed self titled debut LP by Queens Of The Stoneage.

Side AA features Waxy's new song 'It's No Mistake'. Waxy is also an American stoner rock band from the desert of Southern California (Palm Springs/Palm Desert/Indio), and is part of the Palm Desert scene. The power trio consists of frontman Robbie Waldman (guitar/vocals), Tyler Ontiveros (drums) and Robert Bowman (bass). Brett Stadler, long time personal friend of Waldman, is the band's eccentric co-lyricyst as well as a published poet. Waxy's sound is a cross between Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy with a healthy dose of Tom Waits. Heavy, sexy and sincere best describe the vibe. Some people describe them as desert rock, Europeans call it stoner rock.

limited/handnumbered - Waxy Edition on Gold wax & - Avon Edition on RED wax

Release May1st 2020 Presale March 27th 2020 only from H42 Records

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