August 8, 2017

We will also have this special testpress edt. for you! limited to only 22 copies with special artwork. You can get this germ only on our presale date august 29th!

August 2, 2017

News from the Daily Thompson / Monkey Okay vinyl front. Have a look at the final artwork realised by

Release: September 22nd
Presale: August 29th

limited to 250 copies
- Monkey White lim. 60
- Thompson Red lim. 70
- Pure Black lim. 100
- Testpress Edt. with different Artwork lim. 22

August 1, 2017

Galactic Superlords releasing their first vinyl this september. Stay tuned.

Melodic twin-guitar leads, a whole lotta fun on stage and a cheerful toast to Metal Gods like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest: The Galactic Superlords from Germany deliver Classic Rock and Heavy Metal. Since their foundation in 2014 they perform with a constant line-up consisting of a male and a female singer, two guitar players, bass and drums.

July 25, 2017

We are so happy to announce that Daily Thompson and Monkey Okay teamed up for a new 7". The vinyl will be released later on october when the two will play some gigs together. More details to be announced!

Daily Thompson is a German three piece that was founded in late 2012.The three soundvisionaries mix their personal influences from early Grunge, Garage & Indierock to a massive overridden, extremly fudgy Superfuzz-Bigmuff! Inspired by Fuzzrock at its best they have crafted a gigantic sound that combines Noise, Indie-Blues and even Stoner-Rock with the usual Fuzz-,WahWah- and distortion attacks DT stands for.

With a sound...

July 19, 2017

H42 Records will release a special 7" with Mos Generators The Dance Of Red. A few months back I made an edit combining The Dance of Maya by The Mahavishnu Orchestra and Red by King Crimson for the guys to review and learn so we could possibly play it live. Both sections are dramatically abridged to try and keep the piece at around 5 minutes. Each half had their own set of challenges. Jono spent a bit of time working on playing around the 10/8 timing of the first section and Fripp always has these oddball chords that need to be deciphered but with a little time spent running it down I think we ended with a nice interpret...

July 18, 2017

Besides many others, we are also working on this:

Home Of The Deer Vol.2 - if everything works out we can distribute the CD in January - for our 5th birthday!
Be ready for a lot of prev. unreleased songs, grandios live tracks and rare stuff .... If you really want to have someone on this sampler, let us know!

July 4, 2017

Limited up to only 200 copies
50 DIE HARD Edt. (6x7" + CD)
150 NOT SO HARD Edt. (5x7" + CD)

DIE HARD Edt. limited to only 150 copies including:
- 3 Karma to Burn/Sons of Alpha Centauri 7"
- 1 Karma to Burn/Sons of Alpha Centauri DesertFest 2015 7" Edt (now with the orinally planed labels)
- 1 Alpha Cat (Cooperation of Karma to Burn and Sons Of Alpha Centauri Members) 7" (First time on vinyl with totaly new artwork from Alexander von Wieding
- 42x42cm Poster
- 28 page Booklet
- CD
- Promotion Postcards

June 23, 2017

 For the Standalone edition of the Alpha Cat 7" we have a special egyptian like art. This 7" is limited to 50 copies (normal) and 20 copies of testpress edition.

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