The first and second press of the album THEE RABBIT HOLE (H42-070) from Karma To Burn is sold out. By the way listen to the song 'Soylent Green Eyes' feat. Will Mecum - guitar Rich Mullins - bass Natha Limbaugh - drums Jim Davison - vocals


John McBain - remastered Alexander Von Wieding - artwork

For all who have been waiting longingly for it. Today we got the information from the press plant that KARMA TO BURNs 2nd press of 'Thee Rabbit hole' will be finished this week and can therefore go on the journey to you at the beginning of next week. We are still shocked about Wills premature death but at the same time we know that he was very excited about the realization of the 'demo' album, especially because of Alex fantastic artwork with borrowings from Alice in Wonderland. Karma To Burns 'Thee Rabbit hole' (the α to Ω album)

Will died on April 29th 2021. What a Lost - Rest in Peace!

I know Will since 2014 and got in contact with him while working on the first split 7” single together with Nick from SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI. Three more and a compilation box followed in the last seven years. In the last few months I phoned a lot with Will ’cause working on the album Thee Rabbit Hole (released April 2nd 2021). Of course sometimes it was a bit difficult to work with him (He always had the gift to call late at night - cause the time difference was not his thing) when it came to production/art questions whatever but at the end he never put himself in the foreground and at least you just couldn’t be angry with him. One of his favorite phrases: "...Do it as you think, I'm fine with it..." I will remember his very special sense of humor, sometimes mostly naturally under the belt line.” Will Mecum: Master of riffs - His music lives on ...



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