Brother Nature by Wiskey & Knives

PREORDER The Whiskey Knives‘ Hidden Valley Reeder Ranch Dressing Sessions. Recorded live at the sanctuary Studio in Banning, California.... Drummer Alfredo Hernandez has been in so many ground breaking music projects over the years. His contribution to the desert rock scene is great and he is most always in several projects at one time. Alfredo may be best known for his work with first Kyuss….and then the band born from its ashes, Queens of the Stone Age. After a couple of decades playing not just stoner rock…but punk rock…his other passion…with Family Butcher, which featured John Summers on vocals and Jon Arnold on guitar along with Kevin Smith on bass…Alfredo and Jon Arnold have pushed for

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In the meantime between the Mos Generator 12"-vinyl 'Ive Got Room In My Wagon' and Whiskey and Knives 12" Vol 4 - Live From De Nile' we are working on two new vinyl releases under the Moto: "Demo recordings from the start time of bands don't have to be bad" You can look forward to two releases with demo recordings that have only been released as tape or CDR and now will finally find their way onto the vinyl. The demos dated 1995 and 2004 and both from the earliest days of both bands. Well, any idea which bands they could be?

Mös Generator "I've Gir Room In My Wagon" Release Sept. 4th 2020

Despite CORONA restrictions of Deutsche Post, all Mos Generator -I've Got Room In My Wagon- 12"-vinyl orders are packaged and will go on the ride in the next few days. The US is supplied with USPS. Unfortunately, there are still problems with Australia. These orders will continue to be stored and then will go on their journey when the Corona restriction of the German Postal Service has been lifted. RELEASE DAY + Black/Gold Edition 09/04/2020 As we told you before we will have some of the MÖS GENERATÖR vinyl for sale on September the 4th. Next to a few reds and blacks with white silskcreen, we also will have some Black Vinyl with GOLD silkscreen. But only a few / only 20 copies were made. Ori


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