Daal Dazed Debut EP coming August 9th

The debut vinyl ep of the german blues-rockers Daal Dazed will see the light of day on August 9th, 2019. One month earlier, on the 9th of July the pre-sale starts for YOU. Mark the day in your calendar! Available as: - 12" on clear vinyl with silkscreened 'Moon' b-side (ltd. 100) - 12" on universe black with handsigned b-side (ltd. 120) - and a 12" on clear-blue with silkscreened 'Moon' b-side (ltd. to onyl 20 copies) - download/stream on all platforms from July 2nd you can prelisten to the first song from the debut via The Obelisk ‘Invisible Prison’ starts out as a smooth opener before climaxing into an organ-driven, heavy finale. ‘Freedom’ combines funky drumming with Hendrix-esque gui


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