Kamchatka on Tour with Tour 7"

Do you have any plans for February? Here's a small incentive to attend one of the kamchatka concerts in the Netherlands, Spain or the UK: 2nd press of the sold-out "Stone Cold Shaky Bones/Midnight Charmer 7" from 2018 as TOUR Edition with blueish cover on clear-red vinyl and only available on tour. something for you?

The Loranes Live 12" released

The Loranes 'Live Acoustic Lakeside 2018' EP is realeased on limited red and black vinyl The Final On Vinyl says: "...The The Loranes reminded of the 70s when all those great bands were playing in NYC Clubs ... The dirty sound The Loranes produce is with a juggernaut of a rhythm section and a guitar filled with fuzz, and wah-wah. And man, for three guys do they ever make some noise! This is a classic power trio going full throttle through each song presented..."

New Mount Atlas EP coming

Mount Atlas will be back on your turntables. Later in May/June they will release a new four track EP! Fat Riffs, thick organ sound & goosebumps singing are garanteed. Look out for that! EP will be released on vinyl, CD and digital


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