Artwork of Galactic Superlord 7"

In a week, the presale for the fantastic new Galactic Superlords 7" will start. Get ready cause only 200 copies will be pressed: 40 on black vinyl 60 on white vinyl 80 on marbled black/white vinyl 20 Testpress edt. Tracklist: Nowhere To Hide (newly recorded and mastered) Lord Of Illusion (prev. unreleased non album track) Dominique Zanas is responsible for the fantastic artwork

Artwork of new Monkey Okay/Daily Thompson Split-7" revealed

News from the Daily Thompson / Monkey Okay vinyl front. Have a look at the final artwork realised by Release: September 22nd Presale: August 29th limited to 250 copies - Monkey White lim. 60 - Thompson Red lim. 70 - Pure Black lim. 100 - Testpress Edt. with different Artwork lim. 22

Galactic Superlord vinyl from H42 Records

Galactic Superlords releasing their first vinyl this september. Stay tuned. Melodic twin-guitar leads, a whole lotta fun on stage and a cheerful toast to Metal Gods like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest: The Galactic Superlords from Germany deliver Classic Rock and Heavy Metal. Since their foundation in 2014 they perform with a constant line-up consisting of a male and a female singer, two guitar players, bass and drums.


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